Yoga Burn Review

Yoga Burn Review: My Opinion On The Yoga Workouts

Considering trying the Yoga Burn Workout by Zoe Bray Cotton? Read this review before you spend your money!

Hey there! My name is Barbara G and I’m a mesingle mother of two kids. Parenting is a full time job, but it’s something I have to tackle alone.

To make a long story short, my then-husband and I had a lot of trouble in our relationship, and things only got worse when he decided to cheat on me with a younger, thinner model. I caught him in the act, and a few months and a messy divorce later, here we are.

Without going into too many details, the whole affair left in me a depressed state. I was binge eating and engaging in unhealthy habits, and eventually came to a realization that if I didn’t get my life back together, there was a very real possibility that I would cause my own premature death.

It’s a dark thought for sure, and telling this story isn’t exactly easy, but it accurately gets across the sort of mental state I was in at the time. Depressed, unmotivated, fits of rage and crying.

But I decided that enough was enough. I needed to pull it together, if not for me, then at least for my beautiful kids – who needed a strong mother to be there for them. I started to search on Google for ways to get fitter as well as to address my declining mental health, which lead me to Yoga.

But I was also strapped for time, and a little strapped for class – going to set classes at a local gym on a daily basis would not be a viable option. It wasn’t long until I heard someone mention the Yoga Burn Program, and I figured I would share my experiences here.

My Yoga Burn Review

I was surprised by the number of comprehensive reviews on the Yoga Burn program I found. A lot of customers have shared their reviews on various websites, or through the main yoga burn website itself.

However, there were also a few review sites that gave a minimum amount of information, and were clearly just made to try and sell the program, which was annoying!

It was a bit hard to find answers to questions I had as well, which was frustrating. I don’t like to spend my money unless I know what I’m getting, and I’m especially dubious when it comes to anything fitness related. Too many things are fads, or proven wrong later, or are just the creators trying to get quick bucks.

I looked into who the creator, Zoe Bray Cotton, really was. She’s a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer, and a “female body transformation expert”. The last one sounds like she was puffing herself up a bit, but it was clear as I looked into her background that she did have a decent amount of credibility.

She has experience teaching yoga as well as working with clients at her gym, so it makes sense that she might, over time, create a program that combines both aspects of this into a yoga program for physical health and mental health. “Her Yoga Secrets’ she calls it.

Still, as I was looking around, I found it hard to find answers to simple questions like:

What is the style of training in the Yoga Burn program? (Flow based! It starts with building a very solid foundation between mind and body with simple exercises, before progressing to more and more advanced movements.)

How much Yoga Experience is needed to follow along? (None! The Yoga Burn is perfect for beginners, actually. Specifically women, in case any guys have made their way to my website)

If I’m not flexible, will I be able to follow the program? (Yes, although Zoe recommends being careful with stretching before hand and easing your way into the core exercises. You’ll grow more flexible as you continue)

It took me a while to dig up these answers. I will try and answer more questions you may have below, so keep reading…

I bought The Yoga Burn DVDs. Here’s My Opinion:

After reading a few of the various reviews and making sure I had enough time in my schedule for it (Yoga Burn is 45 minute workouts total, about once a week – very flexible for busy moms and women) I decided to buy it at the cheapest price I could find.

Because it’s a Digital AND Physical download with each purchase, I was able to immediately access the DVDs after purchase.

I must say, it was very easy to follow along, even as someone who had never done yoga before. Zoe made it easy to both access, download, and follow along with her DVD set.

There are three phases to the Yoga Burn System – Foundational, Transitional, and Mastery. If you’re a beginner, like me, you start at Foundational and work your way up, with the movements getting more difficult along the way. Each phase has 3 videos plus bonuses, and they are about 15 minutes in length and repeated three times. In total, each workout should be 45 minutes long, and is meant to be completed once a week.

So far, so good. That allows me to have a flexible schedule and still get decent results, in theory…

But I need more than theory. Does Yoga Burn actually work?

What’s In The Yoga Burn Program?

Here’s a full list of everything I got once I purchased Zoe’s Yoga Program.

1. First Phase (Foundational Flow) – This first phase is designed for beginners to both yoga in general, as well as those that are just now starting Zoe’s particular style of Yoga. Very easy to follow, and focused on general a strong link between the mind and the body. This was important, because mindlessly moving your body is not the same as consciously doing it!

2. Second Phase (Transitional Flow) – This is the second phase and, in my opinion, was the most fun phase. Here you combine phases from the first phase into more continuous motion, achieving the “flow” that Zoe first talks about. Besides this, its nice to get a real feel for your own progression.

3. Third Phase (Mastery Flow) – I’m working my way up to being here, but I’m not quite there yet. This phase is meant to add more advanced poses and, of course, expand on what was established in the previous phases. Zoe also says this phase will increase your metabolism and promote the most rapid weight loss, so I can’t wait to reach it.

4. Follow-Along Audio Classes (BONUS) – This enables you to listen to Zoe on the go or on your iPhone/iPad/mobile device while you exercise. VERY helpful if you’re someone who likes to be instructed throughout the movements. I started off using this but moved away as I got more comfortable.

5. Fourth Phase (Tranquility Flow – BONUS) – This is a bonus flow, meant to… surprise! Establish tranquility and promote mental and emotional health.

You can see a full list of what’s included, as well as grabbing the bonuses, on the Yoga Burn Website here.

Should I Buy The Yoga Burn Workout?

Overall, once I actually got started doing the Yoga Burn, I was really impressed with how easy it was to follow and even to perform. But, ultimately, I got what I paid for. It was a Yoga-based workout. If you’re looking for some amazing, hidden technique that will make the weight melt off of you, this isn’t it.

But if you’re looking specifically for a program that will help you lose weight, improve mental health, and even help you manage your emotional states – and you want to do it through Yoga, this is a very strong program. And my results speak for themselves.

Things I Didn’t Like About The Yoga Burn

While Yoga Burn is meant to be friendly for beginners, I PERSONALLY found I had to make a few modifications early on to be able to perform the exercises. I think many people are inflexible and completely new to Yoga will end up having to do what I had to do, and buy some yoga blocks. I can see having to spend another 15 bucks for beginner equipment being a downside for people, as well as having to buy a yoga mat if you don’t already have one. That said, I was able to move away from the blocks after a few sessions.

Also, there’s a little confusion some people have. This is not 12 different workout videos at 45 minutes each – it’s 9 videos that are 14 minutes each. Some people in other reviews felt this was misleading, but the people that decided to give the materials a chance said they were surprised and think the videos were worth the money. Still, there’s a bit of misinformation that can lead to people being disappointed if they think they’re going to receive something they aren’t.

That’s about it as far as negatives go. Otherwise, I would definitely say that Zoe Bray Cotton’s Yoga Workout is worth the money and worth a chance.

If you’re STILL on the fence, I advise you to just check out her website @ and see if you like her general style.

Concluding my Yoga Burn Review

Overall, my thoughts on Zoe Bray Cotton and her Her Yoga Secrets AKA Yoga Burn program are pretty positive – I got what I paid for and more, and don’t regret the purchase at all. I was looking for something that not only would be a good workout, but would help me improve my mental state, and I definitely got that.

I was actually surprised – I noticed the mental effects first. I was more in control of my mental state, was generally calmer, and I noticed I had a bit of a “self-fulfilling” confidence about things. Like I felt like my positivity would starting to spread. Based on that alone, I considered Yoga Burn worth it, and was going to stick with it. Then I stepped on the scale two weeks later and was surprised.

I was actually dropping some weight.

At that point, I was sold. Even if it wasn’t the “ultimate weight loss solution” I decided to add the program to my routine. Mental and emotional health is no joke, and I feel like the zen that I was able to start achieving really spilled out to other aspects of my life. The weight loss was just a nice bonus.

If you’re on the fence about it, I highly recommend you just give it an honest shot. My only real regret is that I didn’t find it sooner.

UPDATE – My Before and After Results!!

I’m back! I wanted to give an update on how my transformation following the Yoga Burn program has been.

I’ve been following the Yoga Burn program and I’m down 50 pounds. I started adding more things – such as fixing up my diet and doing light weights about 2-3x a week, and I feel like I’m a new person entirely. The best part about it is that I’ve had steady success the entire time thanks to Zoe’s Yoga program.

I never stalled with weight loss. I never had issues sticking with it. If I felt like wavering, I could just glance in the mirror and think “Yeah, it’s worth it.”

I know not everyone will have my sort of success, but I want to remind you that I started this journey being skeptical of the program entirely. It’s only because I took the plunge that I was able to get where I am today. I highly recommend that if you’re still on the fence, you just give it a try! Hopefully this will be the sort of workout that you can stick with, and you can achieve whatever goal you’re going for, as I did :).

That’s all folks! Yoga Burn is now apart of my life, and I recommend to my friends all the time. Hopefully this post was useful for you. And Zoe – If you ever happen to find this review, THANK YOU. You changed my life around.

Have a question? Leave a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP.

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