Tammy Hembrow Review

Tammy Hembrow Review: My Opinion On Her Workout PDF

Considering trying the Tammy Hembrow method? Read this review before you spend your money!

meHi there! My name is Barbara, and I’m going to be going into my experience with the Tammy Hembrow guide.

I am a single mother of two, who largely works to support herself due to the father being nearly entirely absent from their life.

Long story short, I started to gain a lot of weight after giving birth to my second son — I was more prone to give into my cravings. I got careless. Apparently, my then-husband noticed much of the same, and decided he didn’t want to stick it out as I got unhealthier.

If only he had just talked it out with me, instead of running off with a  younger, thinner, model, we could have worked together. But instead, I had the misfortune of walking in on them together one night, after coming home early from visiting with my sister.

The experience left me shaken, as did the resulting break-up. I turned to cravings even more, I lost almost all sense of self-control. It got bad.

Thankfully, I began to realize what I was doing to myself long enough to snap out of it. I wanted to regain control of my health and fitness, to stop blaming others, my cravings, my ex. In that moment of clarity I turned to Google to try and figure out what I could do.

I needed a great workout plan that I could follow to a T to get back to being healthy.

UPDATE: I found a much better alternative, and included my results since swapping to the new program. If you’re interested, keep reading. It’s included at the bottom of this post.

My Tammy Hembrow Fitness Review

I came across the fitness model Tammy while searching on Instagram for inspiration. Immediately, I noticed she had a huge following, so I figured she might be someone to look out for. I also looked at similar instagram models, such as Kayla Itsines.

But I kept coming back to Tammy because she was more active, and I noticed she mentioned her own fitness program. It was perfect timing! I needed someone to guide me through the progress, because I didn’t have time to do proper research and whatever I tried to do on my own always backfired.

I was tired of the fad diets and fad workouts!

Tammy’s guides are expensive. She has three different workout guides – the 8 Week Booty, the At-home Booty, and the Gym Booty (V.2). Each one costs costs $59.99 USD, except for the Gym Booty workout, which costs $67.99! Then the meal plan costs an additional $14.99, so altogether you’re paying $74.98 or more!

I know for some people that’s not a lot of money, but I like week-to-week on a tight budget. I can’t afford to waste money.

But I also couldn’t afford to stay unhealthy. So I made my first mistake, and I bought the program without doing further research.

And overall the eBook guide was… okay. I was hoping it wouldn’t be a simple PDF program, but that’s pretty much all it was. A few images and descriptions of exercises, then I’m off and exercising.

It’s also filled with excess stuff just to pad the pages and make it look more useful than it really is. Some of it was repetitive. And there was only 29 pages…

I was expecting a lot more for my money. Here’s an example page so you see waht I mean:

My Incomplete Tammy Hembrow Results

My disappointment didn’t help, I’m sure, but overall I found the guide really hard to follow. It was super boring and definitely overpriced.

Not to mention you have to add in secret costs, like getting a new gym membership or buying the equipment so you can follow the workouts at home.

When you’re already getting ripped off by the guide you’re following, you don’t want to get ripped off by gym costs or expensive equipment too.

I was so frustrated I took to fitness boards online to see if anyone else could help me out. It turns out, I wasn’t the only one that was disappointed in the Tammy Hembrow booty guide. If only I had looked up other reviews before I bought it…

And don’t get me started on the meal plan.

Bland and expensive! An impressive, and irritating combination. I’ll be honest with you guys, I barely made it a week before I quit the program.

That’s right, I quit! At the end of the day I was just not a fan of Tammy Hembrow’s Workout.

But I wasn’t going to give up. And luckily, I had a few programs recommended to me by the other women who had tried Tammy’s guide and also been disappointed.

I needed one that was going to be cheap, but also actually helpful. Something I could follow to a T. But I knew it would be hard to find…

The Tammy Hembrow Alternative that is CHEAPER and BETTER…

I was upset with my experience with the Tammy Hembrow guide, but I was shocked at how quickly I was able to find a program that SOUNDED better.

Emphasis on SOUNDED. After the Tammy Guide failed me, I was more than skeptical. Still, the new program was cheap and had a lot of value. It had been created by a busy woman, who had gone on to become a fitness icon. And it had great reviews.

The Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia.

After looking into the program, determined to do my research properly this time, I was surprised because this program has a great following and many positive comments, reviews, and transformations shared online.

And it wasn’t too expensive. So I was ready to take the plunge once more with this alternative.

Jen Ferrugia’s workout comes with the manual, instructional workout videos, a completely FREE nutrition and diet guide, even shopping lists!

Best of all, you can get the full program for just $29.99!

UPDATE: Thanks to one of my readers, I found out you can get the program for even cheaper at http://www.workingdiscountcodes.com/bikini-body-workouts-coupon/!

Tammy Hembrow Guide vs Bikini Body Workouts

Here’s a visual comparison so you ladies can see what the winner is.

TypeBikini Body WorkoutsTammy Hembrow  
12 Week Workout$29.99$59.99
Nutritional GuideFREE$14.99
Supplement GuideFREENot Included
Shopping ListsFREENot Included
Interactive Workout VideosFREENot Included

It’s plain to see how the Bikini Body Workouts not only gives you more, but is overall a much better deal. Also, Tammy’s workout is an 8-week plan but Jen’s is a 12-week plan.

So you get more content and you get more longevity. And if you’re concerned specifically with getting a better booty, Jen includes a 21-day booty workout for FREE with her guide, and I have to say it reads a lot better than Tammy Hembrow’s eBook!

UPDATE: My Results So Far 

Some of you emailed me, asking me to come back. So here I am with my results!

It’s been 6 months.  My butt is much firmer!

I wake up in the morning with energy to spare, I don’t get sleepy in the afternoons, and I’m overall a much more positive person – even my friends have noticed the change in the mood.

I mentioned a few months back when I started this journey that I needed something I could follow to a T, and that I was disappointed that Tammy’s guide didn’t keep me motivated. Well Jen is the answer I needed!

She really motivates you through the videos and the guide to keep going, and while I had some issues the first week, I quickly adjusted and have been able to stick with the program since.

I especially love the bikini body nutrition guide, which I’m using to make healthy foods that are truly delicious.

What more can I say? I am in love with the person I have become since starting Jen’s program, and it is by far my favorite thing to recommend to others.

I’ll keep you all updated as I stick with the program, but for now, that’s it for me! If you want to see more incredibly transformations and before-and-after results, visit Jen’s website @ www.bikinibodworkouts.com. And Jen, if you ever find this blog, THANK YOU! This workout is incredible!

12 thoughts on “Tammy Hembrow Review”

  1. That’s such a horrible story about what your ex-husband did. Hope you’re in a better place. As far as workouts go, I’m going to look into this Jen Ferruggia and see how it is.

    • Hi Layla,
      Thank you for the kind words, but with help from Jen’s workout, I’ve also regained my self confidence. There’s no more hatred or anger towards my ex-husband. If I’m being honest, I think he got the raw deal in the end. I’m smokin’ hot!

      Let me know how Jen’s program treats you.

    I keep seeing Tammy’s workouts advertised on Instagram and Pinterest and it just GETS ON MY NERVES!
    I’m pretty sure they are like 100% just paid advertisements lol. I don’t think she knows too much about fitness, to be honest I think much of her body is thanks to SURGERY and PLASTIC than the GYM!
    At least this Jen person has actual credentials and doesn’t look touched up in a lab!!!

    A mom TIRED of LIES!

    • Hi McKinnon,
      Love the anger. That’s exactly how it feels when you’re constantly being sold on products that are just downright overpriced. Let me know if you try out Jen’s program, and if you think it’s worth the money.

  3. So does Jen’s Bikini Body program still help with your butt? I want to get a rounder, fuller butt, which is the main thing Tammy advertises. You broke it down enough that I now know it’s a ripoff, but I still need a good guide to follow…

  4. I know this review was written for women, but I just wanted to chime in as a man. I love what you’ve managed to do here, and I plan on purchasing the Jen program for my wife. I was actually looking into reviews of Jen’s bikini workouts, not Tammy Hembrow’s, when I stumbled upon this post. You made the program sound a million times better to someone who wouldn’t even know where to really start. So thanks.

    Good luck with your weight loss journey.

    • Hi Sebastian,
      This is new! Wasn’t expecting a man to be helped by this review. Glad it was of service, and I hope you and your wife are happy with the transformation she’ll achieve with this program. Glad to see a man supporting his woman on her weight loss journey.

  5. Hi,
    Fellow single mum here.
    Just want to say I’ve been on Jen’s program for 5 weeks now since this review.
    Loving it.
    Weight is dropping off, I’m looking better, my cheek bones are coming out.
    And YES, my booty is looking good.
    Thanks a lot.


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