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Katy Hearn Fit Review: My Disappointment

Considering trying the Katy Hearn FIT Program, or one of Katy’s challenges? Read this review before you spend your money!

meHi there! My name is Barbara, and welcome to my Katy Hearn Review. I’m going to be talking about my experience with the FIT program, as well as her challenges.

For some background – I’m a single mother of two, who works full time to take care of them. Their father decided to take a more hands off approach to parenting.

Or rather, he was hands on – but with a younger, thinner version of me.

When I first caught him in the act, I was devastated. He proceeded to leave us for this new model, leaving me to pick up the pieces.

I was a wreck. I’m ashamed to admit it, but it’s the truth. I was emotional and illogical, and turned to binge-eating and bad habits to deal with my depression over the whole affair. I started gaining weight fast.

In some sort of twisted way, it was my way of fighting back against him. For him measuring me up against this thinner young girl and choosing her. But it was ultimately self destructive. I was just reacting to what he had done, rather than acting for my own benefit.

When I realized this, I knew I had to get my life and my health back together. So I turned to Google and began looking for a solid meal plan and workout guide I could follow. After a bit of searching, I came across Katy Hearn.

Katy has a huge following and is really popular on Instagram, and constantly posts the transformations that people achieve following her program. So I figured, this was it – this was the guide I was looking for! Unfortunately, I was so excited that I just jumped right in, before doing my research and looking at other reviews.

That was my first mistake.

UPDATE: I found a much better alternative workout, and I even included pictures of my results with this new program! If you’re interest, keep reading – I put the new information at the bottom of this post.

Katy Hearn – Fit and Challenges

If you don’t already know, Katy Hearn has multiple subscription based services on her website. She has an APP, “Fit by Katy”, then her main Katy Fit Brand/Workouts, and then she does seasonal challenges as well.

At first, I thought Katy’s programs were dirt cheap. The basic plan is $4.99 and includes the workouts and the nutrition guide. The premium plan is $18.99 and includes the training programs, the seasonal guides, and then all that comes with the basic plan. “Finally”, I thought, “A reasonably priced workout guide!”

Wrong. It’s all on a monthly subscription.

$5 x 12 = $60 to have access to the program for a year. $19 x 12 = $228! to be able to use the program for a year.

What happened to one-off purchases?

For some people, this might be affordable, but you have to add in the monthly prices of having access to the gym, and then any other accessory equipment you might need, like a yoga mat or yoga ball for example.

I have a tight wallet. I have to take care of three people. I live week-to-week on a budget, I can’t afford to waste money like this!

She also has a Build A Booty program for $50 – but thank goodness I didn’t buy that as well.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it was subscription based when I purchased the Premium plan. I was in a rush to get my body back.

I got a body weight training, cardio, and plyometric plan, a nutrition guide, access to the group (which wasn’t too active if you ask me), the workout generator. Apparently, I’ll eventually get the “weight and goal tracker” but right now it’s in “coming soon” mode.

This might sound like you get a lot, but to be honest, I was pretty disappointed. I wanted to be like Katy’s transformations, but after reading through the information it was really boring and sort of basic…

Nothing fancy, nothing new. It all could have been found on google to be honest. The nutrition guide was more of the same, and also kind of expensive!

My Incomplete Katy Hearn Results

You need to keep in mind all the hidden costs when you look at a subscription-based workout like Katy Hearn offers. You have to fork out extra money for things like a gym membership and gym equipment.

Then, with the meal plans, you have to consider how much you end up spending grocery shopping each week, especially if there’s a huge variety of foods between the meals – IE. you need to use a completely different set of ingredients for each meal.

The nutrition guide was EXPENSIVE when you actually got to cooking!

So, I tried it out. I gave Katy Hearn’s fitness program a week before I quit. That’s right, I QUIT! I tried to go in positive, but it was really boring and not that great if you ask me.

But I wasn’t going to give up. I still wanted to try and get back in shape. To get by bikini body back.

The Katy Hearn Alternative that is CHEAPER and BETTER…

I was upset with my experience using the Katy Hearn program, so I turned to Google to see if anyone else had the same issues. To my surprise, I found a message board of women who pretty much had similar experiences to me when it came to the program.

I was happy other people shared my experience, but also a little upset at myself for not doing my own research before finding the guide. If I had looked up reviews, I wouldn’t have been in this mess in the first place.

Still, it ended up working out when one of the ladies recommended another program that she found that was much better, called the Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia.

There were a few other ladies that chimed in to vouch for the program, so I decided to look into it. After seeing nothing but positive reviews, I figured that maybe this would be the program for me. I went to the page deciding that if it was too expensive, I wouldn’t even bother.

But I was floored. Jen’s workout was a fraction of the price of KatyHearnFit, costing only $29.99 for a ONE TIME PURCHASE!

Best of all, it’s a complete workout guide, not something split into two like with KatyHearnFit. You get the workout manual, instructional workout videos, a completely FREE nutrition and diet guide, even shopping lists!

Plus, Jen offers a booty workout like Katy does, except Jen doesn’t charge $50 for it 🙂 It’s free with the Bikini Body Workouts.

Now – I’m not trying to say Katy Hearn is a scam or anything. I definitely think her program can work for some women. I just think she’s ultimately business-minded, concerned with maximizing her profits. I wanted a program by a woman for women, something designed to be as helpful as possible.

Especially for busy women who can’t live in the gym!

I’ve been following Jen’s workout for 2 weeks now and I am LOVING it. The workout is really easy to follow and the instructional videos are a ton of help. The meal plan is great too, I’m making delicious meals that I know are healthy for me.

Best of all, Jen’s workout can be done from home, although I did pick up some dumbbells to kick it up a notch. But I can feel myself getting healthier, and I’m excited to see where this program leads me!


It’s been 6 months, here are my results!

It’s been a long journey, but funnily enough, it didn’t feel like it. Working out with Jen’s workout has been a breeze. There was a brief adjustment period but after that – it was smooth sailing!

Her videos and guide kept me motivated all the way through, as did the reactions I was getting from people as I was losing weight. I could barely stop smiling whenever I caught glimpses of myself in the mirror.

There were also two unexpected benefits to following the program – one, my mental health vastly improved! I became a more positive person, I woke up with energy, and I no longer dealt with brain fog after noon.

Secondly – my cellulite started disappearing 🙂

Overall, I think the pictures speak for themselves. I know some of you expected just a review of KatyHearnFit, but ultimately Jen’s Bikini Body Workouts were the program I needed.

And I’m not alone! There are tons of women at BikiniBodyWorkouts.com that have had transformations like me using the Bikini guide. So whatever program works for you, I hope you have success!

(Update: One of my commenters found out you can get the Bikini Body Workouts for even cheaper with the coupon code at http://www.workingdiscountcodes.com/bikini-body-workouts-coupon/ Thanks Samantha 🙂 )

I can’t wait to run into my ex and show off my new body!

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    • Hi Samantha,
      Thanks for your sympathy and thanks for the heads up! I’ve added the coupon code to the review. I’m doing good now, but thanks.
      Let us know if you end up trying out Jen’s program! 12 lbs in 2 months is DEFINITELY do-able! We’re rooting for you!
      Barbara xoxo


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