Emily Skye Fit Review

Emily Skye Review: My Disappointment

Considering trying the Emily Skye FIT Workout Program? Read this review before you spend your money!


meHi everyone, welcome to my blog. My name is Barbara, and I’m a single mother of two. It’s a full time job that I tackle alone since their father has a taken a… “hands-off” approach.

In fact, the only thing he puts his hands on is younger, thinner, versions of me.

To make a long story short, I caught him in the act almost a year ago, and we had a very messy break-up. This led to me suffering from depression, and turning to comfort food and binge eating as a way of coping.

This went on for months. I quickly packed on a lot of weight, and what’s worse, I no longer felt like I was in control of myself. I was just a victim to my own urges; a person bringing about their own self-destruction.

Eventually I snapped out of it when I realized that I was going to head down a dark path if I didn’t get my health under control. Enough was enough.

I turned to fitness boards and Instagram, looking for a solid workout and diet plan to help me get my weight under control. Eventually I came across Emily Skye, a fitness model, and noticed her incredibly following. After a few days of seeing her post about her FIT program, I was convinced.

This was it. I was finally going to get back into bikini body shape!

I was so excited that I made a crucial mistake. Instead of looking up multiple reviews to see what people were saying, I dived right into the program. 🙁 I know this may just come across as my fault, but I was so eager to get healthy again.

I should have done my research. I purchased and downloaded Emily Skye’s FIT bundle and, while it looked promising at the start, I was quickly disappointed.

I decided to give it a chance though. Maybe it wouldn’t be all bad. Maybe once I started getting into it, I would see the results I wanted…

UPDATE: I found a much better alternative workout, and I even included pictures of my results with this new program! If you’re interest, keep reading – I put the new information at the bottom of this post.

Emily Skye – FIT and Meal Plan

Is Emily Skye’s program worth the money? I don’t think so. Her diet and workout are hard to follow, bloated with text to increase the word count and page count, and generally nothing special.

It’s on a monthly subscription, So you’re paying about $15 USD a month. If you want the 3 month, that’s $36.99 USD a month, or the year, which is $88.99 USD a month.

First off, those costs add up, especially when you factor in the price of a gym membership and gym equipment. Second off, what happened to one-off programs? I don’t want to keep being charged monthly, especially if I forget one month and get hit by a charge out of nowhere. Not a fan, Emily.

There are a lot of cheaper fitness programs out there.

Then, lets look at the meal plan. It is far from affordable, in my opinion. I’ll show you an example from her vegan options.

In one week you’re going to need Chia Pudding, lentil salad, hummus, protein shakes, Ajvar Relish (what even is this??), tacos, gluten free crackers, protein muffins, bean patties, almonds, pumpkin curry… It goes on! This is a complicated week, and that’s only the start!

What happened to keeping it simple? This is so complicated that I wasn’t surprised I wasn’t able to stick with it. It was a complete overhaul of food items I was used to, there was no way any beginner would be able to just jump into this.

Do the Emily Workouts Work?

Like I said before, the workouts themselves, as well as the APP you get, are decent. But they are nothing new, and definitely overpriced.

There are a lot of exercises as well, and like the meal plan, I felt overwhelmed as a beginner. Emily says the workouts can be done from home, but honestly I think you pretty much have to sign up for a gym.

Monthly charges for Skye Fit + Monthly charges for a gym = hurt wallet.

Another way I was let down by the workout guide.

The Emily Skye Alternative that is CHEAPER and BETTER…

I stuck it out with Emily Skye’s program for about a week before I had to throw in the towel. Maybe you think it’s lame that I quit, but honestly, I just found the whole thing tedious and boring. There was no way I was going to be able to stick with it for a full month, let alone a full year.

And again, don’t get me started on those monthly charges! Argh! I couldn’t even find a coupon for the Skye Fit program.

I went back online to Google fitness boards and see if anyone else could help me. While doing so, I found other reviews from people who said similar things about Skye Fit – that they were disappointed, that it was too expensive, yada yada… I was really kicking myself for not doing my research 🙁 .

I ended up signing up on one of the forums just to vent and that’s when one of the commenters recommended that I give the Jen Ferruggia program a try. She said she had swapped to it and had seen great results. I was curious, so I looked into it, and discovered Jen Ferruggia’s program – the Bikini Body Workouts.

After having spent so much money on Skye Fit, I was hesitant to buy a new program, but thankfully Jen’s full program was only $29.95.

And it’s a one-time purchase, rather than monthly charges!

After doing my research and seeing that people were having good results and great transformations, I bought it.

And what a difference.

For starters, there’s the content of the program. Jen’s bikini body workout guide comes with a workout manual, workout videos (making it easy to follow along), a complete nutrition and diet guide, even shopping lists!

One thing she and Emily have in common is that they include transformations on their sites, but something about Jen’s just felt more authentic, less fabricated. Honestly, just go over to www.bikinibodyworkouts.com  and you’ll see what I mean.

I’ve been following the Bikini Body Workouts for 3 weeks now and I am loving it! I’m already seeing great results, and so far I don’t think I’m going to quit. The program is easy to follow and so are the meals.

Plus, it came with a free booty program, so I’m putting that to good use!

I know this Emily Skye review was pretty negative overall, but I would advise anyone on the fence to give Jen’s program a try. Emily seems like a lovely person in general, and I still follow her on Instagram, but her workout guide was a letdown.

Coupon Codes and Discounts!

Back before I bought the program, I tried to see if I could find any Emily Skye Coupon Codes. I’m sorry to say – there weren’t any…EVER. No matter what I searched, I couldn’t get a break.


If you’re interested in following the Jen Ferrugia Bikini Body Workouts at my recommendation, I’m happy to say one of my blog readers from the comments below managed to find a place where you could get a coupon code. Thanks Kara! The website is available at http://www.workingdiscountcodes.com/bikini-body-workouts-coupon/ and includes a coupon to get 15% off the workout.

I paid full price and I’m happy, but with this, you might as well invest in the level 2 program and try it out, since you’re getting it a great deal. That’s just my recommendation though, follow whatever workout brings you the best results (while being enjoyable)!

UPDATE: My Results!!! 

Hi there! It’s been some time 🙂 .

I came back because I wanted to show you all how much my life has changed in the past 6 months. I’m still using the bikini body workouts after my negative experience with Emily Skye’s workout (though I still follow her on Instagram).

I’ve finished the 12 week bikini body workouts, but I’m still incorporating it into my lifestyle.

I’m full of energy. Besides my physical appearance, my mental strength has improved as well. I have a positive outlook once again!

So that’s all I have to say!! If you’re on the fence about a workout program, while I suggest Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts, what I learned most of all is that you should do your own due diligence. Pick the program that’s going to work best for you.

And to Jen – Thank you. This program changed my life around!

14 thoughts on “Emily Skye Fit Review”

    • Hi Kara,
      Thanks for sharing this coupon! I’ll go ahead and add this to the main post. Good luck with your weight loss journey and thank you for your sentiments!
      Barbara xoxo

  1. Emily Skye is absolutely NOT worth it in my opinion. Didn’t like it; wasted my money. Plus they pay affiliates to give their program good reviews. Better off finding something else… lesson learned the hard way.

  2. I was honestly RIGHT about to buy the Emily Skye program before I found this review lol…will be buying the Jen Ferruggia bikini body workouts instead. Thanks Barb!

    • I know, Jasmine :(. I think the more people are aware of this, the better. There are cheaper ways to get in shape!

      Still, if it helps people, I can’t fault them too much. How is your weight loss journey going now?

  3. Congratulations Barbara on your transformation!
    I love all the before and after pics on the bikini body workout and seeing your results is very inspiring. Lets do this!

  4. Hi Barbara,
    I am so glad I read this review! I ALMOST bought Skye fit this morning UNTIL I read this blog. Thank you!
    I plan on starting the Jen Ferruggia program tomorrow. Your results are amazing and you look fantastic… amazing! My main 2 questions are:
    1. Did you follow to eating plan to a T?
    2. Did you do any workouts with it?
    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Clarissa, glad I could help.
      1. Yes, I followed the meal plans to a T starting out. Jen’s program is really informative though, so after a while I was able to make informed choices myself, thanks to her guidance.
      2. Of course! It comes with a workout program. If I was unclear, Jen’s program includes a workout guide AND a meal plan.
      Good luck with your health goals!
      Barbara xoxo


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