Sworkit Review

Sworkit Review: My Disappointment In the App!

Considering trying the Sworkit app? Read this review before you spend your money!

meHi there! My name is Barbara. I’m a single mother of two who recently decided to start the Sworkit app to get back in shape.

I say “back in shape” that I was once in really good shape, but overtime and after a few pregnancies are started to let myself go a little bit. Not too much, just an understandable amount.

Apparently, my husband was not the understanding type. I learned this the hard way after catching him in the act of hooking up with a younger, thinner model of me one afternoon after I came home early from work.

It was devastating. Follow that, we had a messy breakup which left me emotionally ruined. I was depressed and negative, and starting turning to bad habits and binge eating to feel better for myself. It was a terrible reaction, but I felt like I had very little control of anything else in my life…

So the weight started packing on, and it just kept coming. I was honestly ballooning up. I started going up pants sizes and wearing clothing to cover up my body. I was simultaneously ashamed of what I was doing but had no desire to stop.

Eventually I came to the realization that I was driving myself into a wall. I had to turn my life around, if not for my sake, then for my boys, who were starting to take after my eating habits and using it to justify their own.

I was NOT going to let this beat me!

So I turned to Google and began looking for a good workout plan or diet guide that could help me whip myself back into shape. And that’s how I encountered the Sworkit App.

UPDATE: I found a much better alternative, and included my results since swapping to the new program. If you’re interested, keep reading. It’s included at the bottom of this post.

My Sworkit App Review

I came across Sworkit while I was searching on Instagram and Reddit. And to it’s credit – it had quite a following! Apparently the app had even managed to secure funding from Mark Cuban on the show Shark Tank. I was getting more and more excited as I kept reading, which unfortunately lead me to make a novice mistake.

I bought the program without doing my own research.

Looking back, this was definitely the part where I messed up. I got caught up in the hype, but I should have been more aware of how much of the fitness industry is built on smoke and mirrors. Impossible claims, edited photos, exaggerated transformations… it subsists on being able to fool busy men and women just glancing at programs.

And it got me.

Now, I’m not trying to say that Sworkit was a terrible workout program. It was actually pretty decent if you ask me. It was just really boring and surprisingly bare.

And not to mention EXPENSIVE! You get a trial, and after that you have to pay $79.99 for it! What’s worse is that it’s not even a one-time purchase, this is a SUBSCRIPTION!

Maybe this isn’t a lot of money to some of you, but for someone who lives week-to-week on their paychecks, it’s a lot to me. The only reason I went ahead and bought the app was because I was convinced it was exactly what I needed to get my life back together.

I was expecting it to be the end all be all of fitness programs. But overall it was just a simple guideline, with a lot of information that can be used on Google.

And one more thing – don’t get me wrong, I’m a busy person. I think a lot of people are. But when an app tells me I can get a proper workout in FIVE MINUTES, I’m a little suspicious. It sounds like a pipe dream, something designed to just sell.

Something that, in the long run, won’t really give you the results you’re looking for. Maybe this sounds harsh but I definitely don’t think you can change your life around with five minutes of light exercise, so something that advertises it as such is probably after your money, not your health!

My Incomplete Sworkit Results

I gave the program a week before I quit. The workouts were really boring and even a little imbalanced. I looked it up and someone mentioned they don’t have any pulling exercises, which is true. After doing more research, I learned you need a balance of “pulling” and “pushing” workouts to keep your body in sync. At the time I had no idea what this meant, but after doing more research it seemed to check out.

But beyond this, I generally did not feel like this was a workout program you would see results with. Like I mentioned earlier, it was selling the “convenience” factor a little too hard. Do you really think you can drop 40 pounds if you do 5 minutes of exercise a day? Come on!

I may be gullible but I’m not THAT gullible!

I was very frustrated with my experience with the app. I went back to Google, trying to see what other people were saying. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I was impatient. To my surprise, I found other reviews from women who said similar things. Sworkit was just not that good of an app to stick with.

Ugh! If only I had checked earlier!

One of the women commenting recommended a different workout program as a better alternative, noting she swapped over to it and had seen way better results. I decided to do my research this time and check it out. Little did I know I would find the workout program I swear to now…

The Sworkit Alternative that is CHEAPER and BETTER…

After Sworkit, I was only going to try out a program if it was:

1. Affordable.

2. A one-time purchase.

3. Given good reviews!

And the alternative that was recommended happened to meet all these boxes. It was the Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia.

Jen is a fitness model with experience as a personal trainer — same story as a lot of these fitness program writers. But then I noticed she had a lot of good transformations on her website (something Sworkit lacked) and a ton of positive reviews.

Then there’s the actual content of her program – which came with the manual, instructional workout videos, a completely FREE nutrition and diet guide, even shopping lists — all for a ONE-TIME purchase of $29.99! The Sworkit program offered LESS for a SUBSCRIPTION PRICE of $79.99!

UPDATE: Thanks to one of my readers, I found out you can get the program for even cheaper at http://www.workingdiscountcodes.com/bikini-body-workouts-coupon/!

I’ve been on Jen’s program for 2 weeks now and I’m loving it. The only drawback is that it’s not exactly an “app” like Sworkit is, but instead a PDF guide with videos and etc. However, since I can put these things on my phone, I wasn’t really bothered by this. Some of you might be — but trust me, Jen’s guide is WORTH IT!

In a way I’m really grateful to Sworkit, since it lead to me finding this program. I know this review has been negative, and maybe other people are fine with Sworkit as it. It just wasn’t the program for me.

Jen’s program is fun and enjoyable, and also has cleaned up my diet considerably. I’m starting to see changes on the scale, although I haven’t seen much impact physically yet. But I’m optimistic. I really think this is the workout I’ve been looking for.


Hi there. Did you miss me? 🙂 I look a little different…

Phew! What can I say? Jen’s workout has CHANGED MY LIFE!

I wake up in the morning bounding with energy. My mood has improved drastically, I’m constantly positive and smiling. I can wear my old clothes again — in fact, I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been.

I’ve even noticed some of my cellulite disappearing 🙂

The bikini body workouts were exactly what I needed, and all I did was follow everything Jen instructed to the letter to see these results. As a beginner, this was exactly what I needed – a structured, rigorous guide from someone who actually cared about my health. I was motivated and focused throughout!

I think I mentioned it a few months ago, but I especially loved the bikini body nutrition guide. I didn’t know nutritious foods could be this delicious!

If you want to see more incredibly transformations and before-and-after results, visit Jen’s website @ www.bikinibodworkouts.com. And Jen, if you ever find this blog, THANK YOU! This workout is incredible!

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