8 Fit Review

8 Fit Review: My Disappointment

Considering trying the 8 Fit Program or 8 Fit App? Read this review before you spend your money!

meHi there! My name is Barbara. I’m a single mother of two who recently decided to start the 8 Fit app.

My journey to this point was not a fun one. I caught my then-husband in the act of cheating on me with a younger model one night about a year ago.

It was devastating. After that, we had a very messy break-up that left me really depressed. I turned to binge-eating and bad habits to try and cope.

Lo and behold, I started packing on weight. And I couldn’t stop, I didn’t WANT to stop. It felt good to give into my indulgence.

Eventually I realized that if I didn’t stop this reactionary habit, I was going to end up just hurting myself more and more in the long run. I didn’t want to go down that path, and I didn’t want to let that man have that much power of my life.

So, I took to Google! I tried to look up well liked workout guides and meal plans to figure out one I could stick with, one that could help me get my body back to where it used to be. I wanted to be able to wear a bikini without being self-conscious. I wanted to be healthy again. This is what lead me to the 8Fit Workout.

UPDATE: I found a much better alternative, and included my results since swapping to the new program. If you’re interested, keep reading. It’s included at the bottom of this post.

My 8 Fit App Review

I came across 8 Fit while searching on Instagram and Reddit. The program seemed to immediately have popularity, and some of the transformations looked really good too! Unfortunately, I started getting really excited by this, and then I made a very novice mistake.

I went ahead and bought the program.

Looking back, not doing my own research was the biggest error I made in this. I got too excited thinking I had found the perfect workout. Normally I’m much more conservative about choices like this, especially when money gets involved (just wait until I get into the cost of 8Fit…) but I really wanted to get back in shape!

The 8 Fit program works on a monthly subscription. You can either pay a monthly price, but you pay for a year upfront, or you can pay a 3-month price, and pay for 3 months upfront.

The 1 year plan costs $59.95 USD, and the 3-month plan costs $29.99 USD! What! I know to some of you this may not sound expensive, but I live week-to-week on a budget. I would rather have paid $29.99 for a full workout plan up front, rather than paying for a monthly subscription.

That said, I also couldn’t afford to stay unhealthy, so I went ahead adn took the plunge.

Overall the 8 Fit program was… really not that great. I had really gotten my hopes, and was expecting the be all end all of workout programs when I got it. But ultimately it was just a really simple guide, with a lot of information that could be found on Google.

It’s also filled with quite a bit of fluff just to pad the text and make you feel like you’re getting more than what you really are, which was disappointing.

Yeah…I wanted more.

My Incomplete 8 Fit App Results

 I tried to stick it out – I really did! But after a week I had it with the 8 Fit program. I quit. No offense to the creators, but I just found it really boring and definitely overpriced, not at all something I would want to pay a subscription for.

To me, a workout guide should be something a little more informative and personal. This just felt bare-bones. Maybe other women will be fine with this but I wanted something more geared for beginners!

I was frustrated with this experience, but I still wanted to try and lose weight. So I decided to go back on Google again, and figure out what other women were saying about the 8 Fit app.

To my surprise, there were a few other people who had similar experiences and left negative reviews of 8 Fit. I was a little upset that I hadn’t taken the time to do the research before I bought it, but I couldn’t blame the creators on that. That was all me!

If only I had looked up other opinions before I bought it…

Luckily, after I vented about my own experience, one of the women who had bought 8 Fit and not seen great results recommended another program to me. That ended up being the program I would later swap to and use to GREAT result.

The 8 Fit Alternative that is CHEAPER and BETTER…

I was upside with my experience with 8Fit, so I made a pact to try out this new program unless it was:

1. Affordable.

2. A one-time purchase.

3. Given good reviews! This time I was going to do my research!!

But to my surprise, I found all 3 of these in the program that was recommended to me – The Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia.

Jen Ferruggia is a fitness model who has experience as a personal trainer, which I think explains why so many women have seen great results and had good transformations with her program. This accounted for the positive reviews I noticed.

But then I looked into the actual content (not going to seduced once more). Jen’s program came with the manual, instructional workout videos, a completely FREE nutrition and diet guide, even shopping lists — all for a ONE-TIME purchase of $29.99! The 8 Fit program offered LESS for a SUBSCRIPTION PRICE of $29.99!

The comparison was a no-brainer.

UPDATE: Thanks to one of my readers, I found out you can get the program for even cheaper at http://www.workingdiscountcodes.com/bikini-body-workouts-coupon/!

I’ve been on Jen’s program for 2 weeks now and I’m loving it. The workout guide is really easy to follow and the instructional videos give it that personal touch I was missing from 8Fit. Plus, even the meal plan is great, with lots of healthy and nutritious food that also manages to be delicious.

In a way I’m really grateful for 8Fit, because if I hadn’t had that negative experience I might have never stumbled upon Jen’s workout.

I’m anticipating that it’s going to be the workout that I stick with for a while, and I’m already seeing changes in my body. Here’s to hoping!


Hi there. Did you miss me? 🙂 I’m back and looking better than ever! Check out my transformation!

The results speak for themselves, or at least they would if I could stop raving. I LOVE Jen Ferruggia’s workout guide! I wake up in the morning full of energy now, my mental health has improved, I’m even a more positive person overall.

I’ve even noticed some of my cellulite firming up 🙂

The Bikini Body Workouts is a guide that I was able to follow to the letter, which was exactly what I needed in my life. Combined with the information Jen taught me, it made exercising really easy. It became a matter of discipline, rather than motivation.

It she made it a breeze, motivating me from the videos and the eBook itself. I think I mentioned it a few months ago, but I especially love the bikini body nutrition guide, which I’m using to make healthy foods that are truly delicious.

There’s nothing else I can really say that would be new. This was the program for me. Maybe 8 Fit will be the program that works best for the rest of you. The main thing I learned to do was experiment and do your research! I wish you luck, regardless of the program you end up following!

If you want to see more incredibly transformations and before-and-after results, visit Jen’s website @ www.bikinibodworkouts.com. And Jen, if you ever find this blog, THANK YOU! This workout is incredible!

10 thoughts on “8 Fit Review”

    • Hi Jenny,
      Thanks for sharing this coupon, I’ll edit it into the main post! I definitely think your goal is possible, and if anyone can get you there, it’s Jen’s workouts.
      Good luck, come back and update us in a few weeks, would ya?
      Barbara xoxo

  1. Hey Barbara,

    Do you think it’s still worth getting Jen’s program if I mainly want something I can use on my phone, like an app? I do agree 8 Fit is a bit expensive though…

    • Hi Clarissa,
      I absolutely do think it’s worth getting Jen’s Bikini Body Workout over a fitness app. It comes in a PDF form so you can pull it up on your phone, plus the information helps you craft your own workout. I use the notes app on my iPhone to keep track of my progress.
      Hope that helps! And agree, 8Fit is too expensive!
      Barbara xoxo

  2. I was just about to buy 8 Fit but to expensive for me! I forget monthly subscriptions all the time… that would be 4 years of payments before I managed to cancel lol. Thanks for the info Tara, I’ll try Jen’s program!

  3. 8 Fit is absolutely NOT worth it in my opinion. Didn’t like it; wasted my money, guide was way too simple. Better off finding something else… lesson learned the hard way.

    Maybe I’ll try Bikini Body workouts.

    • Agreed Raven.
      When you’re ready to try something else, I think Jen might be the affordable weight loss solution you want. It’s simple and easy, but the information is GOOD.
      Barbara xoxo


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