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Grace Fit Guide Review: My Opinion On The Fitness Guide

Considering trying the Grace Fit Guide? DONT!

What I’m about to tell you about the program might shock you!


My name is Barbara G. I work full time while doing my best to support my two boys as a single mother.

Without going too far into details, let’s just say I had a very messy divorce after catching my then-husband with a younger, thinner woman. The result was me frankly losing control of myself, and drifting into bad diet and lifestyle habits. I packed on pounds, I looked terrible, I felt worse.

I started covering up as much as my body as possible. I didn’t even want to look at myself or think about what I was doing. I felt worse everytime I glanced in the mirror :(.

Eventually, I realized that I needed to stop blaming and stop harming myself. I needed to regain control of my life and my weight. It wasn’t about trying to prove it to my husband, or even to stop those glances when people who hadn’t seen me in a while clocked my weight gain. It wasn’t for anyone else but for me.

I needed to find the best workout I could. Something I could stick with, and really follow to a T for great results.

That same day that I realized all this, I went to Google and eventually found the Grace Fit Guide. Considering how popular she is on Twitter, and how good she looks, I figured I had a winner.

Maybe I should have known better…

UPDATE: I am now following a different program instead of the Grace Fit Guide, and I’ve seen fantastic results. For more information, visit the bottom of this page. It’s fantastic, and a much cheaper option.

My Grace Fit Review

I was done just crying. It was time to pick up a guide, so I decided to delve into Grace Fit.

But was the Grace Fit Guide worth the money? The program costs $43.00, after all. I didn’t think much about it, I decided to just jump in.

That was perhaps my first mistake, not looking at what other women were saying about the guide as well. I figured since she looked good and was popular, that was enough for me.

Looking back now, I realize that many of her followers are actually bots, or men who just like looking at a good looking woman. I don’t exactly blame them or her, but that’s a very different audience than I was expecting. I thought it was mostly women, like me, who were looking for a good workout program.

After paying over 40 bucks, I wanted to get the works! I wanted something comprehensive, something I could follow to a T that would help me lose weight, but moreover, something I could really stick to. Something that didn’t feel like a chore, and also didn’t feel like just another fad workout.

Read more to see why I was ultimately very disappointed with this program…

What is the Grace Fit Guide?

What it ultimately amounts to is a 15 page PDF EBook guide. It’s meant to be followed for a total of 8 weeks to reach your ideal body.

Unfortunately, after I purchased it, I was pretty disappointed. It was very hard to follow. Furthermore, I expected more than just some bland information. I was looking for some true motivation and insights into how to reclaim my body. I wanted to be comfortable in a bikini again!

I was disappointed in the lack of quality for how much I had paid. It seemed like random things cobbled together from the internet, something I could have found myself. Also, there was a lack of diet tips for Grace Fit – which I found downright shocking. I know its primarily a workout, but what happened to that phrase “abs are made in the kitchen”. I’m sure flat stomachs are made in the kitchen as well!

TURNS OUT – If you want a diet included, you have to pay $30 more! What is that?! Does Gordon Ramsay come to my house to cook for me? This was getting more expensive by the moment.

My Incomplete Grace Fit Guide Results

I stuck it out for a solid week before I quit Grace Fit. I did my best, but I just found it utterly boring and hard to follow.

I don’t want to make it seem like this review is just completely ragging on it, I’m sure for some women it might work fine, but I just personally found it bland and unenjoyable.

I am not a fan of Grace Fit. I would even say I got ripped off!

Later on, I showed it to one of my friends that spends a LOT of time at the gym. She commented on how bland the guide was, and even laughed at me when I brought up how much I had paid for it.

Does Grace Fit Work?

Like I said, I’m sure some of you might be able to make it work. Here’s a screenshot of the table of contents.


If this sounds like something you want to pay 40 dollars for…I guess go ahead. But I really wouldn’t recommend it.

ESPECIALLY since I found a working, cheaper alternative. After my disappointing experience, I took to fitness boards online to complain and see if anyone else agreed with me about Grace Fit. To my surprise, not only did other women have the same experience, but a few of them recommended me cheaper alternatives.

One of them was the program I now follow, which I credit entirely with me changing my life around. And it’s available at

The Grace Fit Alternative – CHEAPER and BETTER…

Grace Fit was a dud, so when I went looking for an alternative, I knew off the bat that I wouldn’t want to spend more than maybe, just maybe, 40 dollars. And if I was spending that much, I BETTER be getting a meal plan included!

Luckily, I got all that and more, for a fraction of what I was paying for Grace Fit. And it’s all thanks to the Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia.

This is Jen’s website –

I was SO annoyed that I didn’t find this program sooner. Jen Ferruggia, a fitness model, created this program. In includes a workout manual, workout videos (to follow along), a COMPLETE nutrition guide and diet guide – AND even shopping lists. Furthermore, all this ended up ONLY costs $30.

Grace Fit who???

And just to add icing to the cake, Jen’s program runs for 12 weeks, not just 8 weeks.

I pulled the trigger and bought the program. I’ve been on it for a couple of weeks now, and I’m just going to tell you all – it is MUCH more enjoyable than Grace Fit was for me! Everything I was missing – diet help, motivation, comprehensive instruction, it’s all included here.

I have a feeling losing weight is going to be a breeze from here, and I’m already shocked at how much I’m losing on a weekly basis.

Coupon Codes and Discounts!

Back before I bought the program, I tried to see if I could find any Grace Fit Guide Coupon Codes. I’m sorry to say – there weren’t any…EVER. No matter what I searched, I couldn’t get a break.


If you want to try the Jen Ferrugia Bikini Body Workouts after my recommendation, one of my readers commented about finding a discount code. The website is and includes a coupon to get 15% off the workout.

UPDATE: My Results So Far

The results speak for themselves. It’s been 6 months.

24 months. When i first got started, I was SHEDDING pounds, and I thought I’d be stick-thin within a month or two. It turns out, most of that was water weight. Still, I kept a very steady weight loss over time and never let up.

The first week was the hardest, but after having tried and failed Grace Fit, it wasn’t THAT hard. I stuck with it, and I had a blast following Jen’s program. And like I said… the results speak for themselves.

Ultimately, this experience taught me how important it is to find a fitness guide that works for you. For some of you, that may be Grace Fit, and that’s OK! I just found Jen’s program to be much more thorough, better, and cheaper.

Whatever program you up using, I hope you have success in your weight loss journeys! And Jen Ferruggia, if you ever happen to find this blog… thank you so much. Your workout changed my life!

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