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Too early for supporters of #bced “…In the immediate aftermath of the public school strike both government and teachers will want to claim victory. While credit goes to teacher unity, solidarity across unions, and community support, now is too early for supporters of public education … Continue reading

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Optics over substance- not just teacher dispute

It’s pretty clear BC Libs are about optics not true Governance! It’s not just union busting teachers. Look around the province and you will find discontent and Government deception. They rarely have followed, in any real way, or have abruptly … Continue reading

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3 Tier Ed system in BC without a mandate

The BC Government has been privatizing the school system for years without any mandate to do so by the electorate. Winning elections is not a blank slate. Government is supposed follow he guides/platform they campaign on. Anything else makes the … Continue reading

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Optimism in the face of a world gone mad. Thank you, M. Enright, CBC I rarely breach the literary custom of quoting writing in entirety it’s presumptuous, rude and often illegal. I relent here today because a journalist of iconic Canadian statute reflects on a personal life moment all of us should be … Continue reading

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Massage the Message

Terrific essay. Thanks But the disparaging remarks about massages kept spewing all over social media. The taunts about them could not be quelled. The onslaught came to a peak when the Premier took to broadcast media to amplify the … Continue reading

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‘Me too’ clauses- BCFedp “… The so-called wage “pattern” is clearly flexible. In this round of bargaining two other sectors settled for significantly more than the base of 5.5 percent over five years. In addition, the government produced a document titled “Working Together … Continue reading

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What’s Really Locking BC’s Schools Shut | The Tyee “….So when teachers lost the right to bargain class size and composition, they lost the ability to teach as well as they could with the resources they need. Hand a surgeon a butter knife and tell her scalpels are … Continue reading

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