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Massage the Message

Terrific essay. Thanks But the disparaging remarks about massages kept spewing all over social media. The taunts about them could not be quelled. The onslaught came to a peak when the Premier took to broadcast media to amplify the … Continue reading

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‘Me too’ clauses- BCFedp “… The so-called wage “pattern” is clearly flexible. In this round of bargaining two other sectors settled for significantly more than the base of 5.5 percent over five years. In addition, the government produced a document titled “Working Together … Continue reading

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What’s Really Locking BC’s Schools Shut | The Tyee “….So when teachers lost the right to bargain class size and composition, they lost the ability to teach as well as they could with the resources they need. Hand a surgeon a butter knife and tell her scalpels are … Continue reading

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Assault on Public Education in BC just late into the game

BC Liberals are dismantling public education as part of a plan. When Gordon Campbell and many conservatives hijacked the core party and the name ‘ Liberal’ I knew there was a shrewd strategy going on- capture the vote of the … Continue reading

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Scientific Publishing Can’t Be Free | Science | Smithsonian… Was it ever? I guess it’s my old cynical disposition kicking in, but part of my assessment is based on information from various sources- undergrads, profs, admin and business folks. Academia, like private enterprise business has lost its way because of money. … Continue reading

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OECD ranks BC Education worldclass B.C. gets top marks in Canada for health and education in a new study from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. The OECD measured eight topics among its 34 member nations, and found … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy of B.C. student assessment obvious.

Thank you to all my friends, family and followers for sharing the news reports the past few weeks. Kinda crazy how we get all this ‘accountability’ and ‘assessment’ demands from the ‘educators'( management) but when it suits them they can … Continue reading

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