Welcome to my new adventure

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Photo 11bI’ve decided to embark on a wholly personal blog and site devoted to my passions and not my teaching profession. Naturally I know my boundaries will blur as merky as the rest of my life but- eh, it’s only a blog.  :-)

I’m considering a entrepreneurial theme meets travel journal and scrapbook, in spirit, at least.   I hope to reflect on my interests but also encourage sharing of my skills. As I am retiring from education in the near future I may be available to collaborate with projects or offer my services. I intend to write and read prolifically, naturally but I hope to devote time to fine arts photography and painting.

I’m raiding funds and books for Kelowna Women’s Shelter with the 50 Book Pledge  project. Hashtag #75Books4Shelter. @literateowl #75books4shelter I know there are teens, friends who will help… http://50bookpledge.ca



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  1. Jeff says:

    Nice! As always, you lead by example, Al? Could this be part of the future endeavours for you? Hope all’s well. Admittedly, I haven’t been blogging as finding time at work and at home has been difficult.

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